Introducing latest Articco products and technologies!

Hard Start Kit with Electronic Potential Relay (STT-8E)

Articco uses an electronic potential relay in its STT-8EP. It is more precise than older mechanical potential relay because a voltage sensor is used in conjunction with the electronic potential relay. The use of a 330V capacitor will create all the torque necessary to start any compressor operation. We have also added a backup electronic timing circuit to protect the compressor.

Data Logger Kit (DL3085)

Articco uses a temperature recorder widely used to record data tables or graphs the temperature variation in A refrigerated environment . Its programming allows you to set the time intervals between records and also give maximum and minimum values. Powered independently by a cr2450 battery is widely used in various parts of the cold chain : Warehouses, refrigerated containers , cold rooms, laboratories and more. Also you can feed through a usb interface by which the recorded information is also download excel , pdf or word

• Temperature measuring range -30oC to +60oC  

• Temperature unit oc or of optional

Defrost Timer

The Articco adjustable defrost timer is driven by ACS motors and is an energy efficient choice for homeowners and repair technicians. It is a good alternative if a refrigeration defrost system needs to be retooled, as it can be installed on either the interior or exterior of the refrigerator as needed. It comes with a cooling and defrost testing switch on the surface, so the defrost system can easily be tested in the future for further problems. It is fully adjustable as well, and the timing system can be changed to fit a refrigeration or freezing system’s needs.


  • Defrost frequency ranges from six hours to twenty-four hours.
  • Length of defrost time ranges from fifteen to thirty-two minutes.


Electronic Protector for 220V for:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Coolers, freezers
  • Showcases: beer, soda, etc.

Digital Ammeter with capacitor tester (AD-267A)

In its policy of continuous renewal , ARTICCO introduces its line of electrical measuring instruments:

Digital Ammeter parameters, the new model AD- 267A , with functions additional to that offered by traditional ammeters .

Among its most striking features are the listed here .

  • Amps measurement up to 400A Resistance measurement up to 40 mega Ohm
  • Frequency measurement from 10Hz to 5 mega Hz
  • Capacitance measurement up to 100 micro Farad
  • Diode and continuity testing
  • Temperature measurement from -20C to 400C

Strip Rolls, refrigeration curtains.

  • Made from a pvc and vinyl combination capable to stand up temperatures up to -40°c/-40°f in certain models without flexibility loss.
  • Strip curtains prevent dust, insects and pollution contaminants from entering the cold rooms storage, additionally to the main function avoiding the humid and hot air entrance.
  • Allow visibility and light path through the strips.
  • Reinforced strips are approved and required by the fda when handling food.
  • Wide selection allow to find a right type for each application.
  • Some models have reinforced ribs for heavy forklift traffic through the strip curtain.

Mini Split Motors

• Resin packed motor for use in the

Condensing unit of minisplit systems.

• Available in three different models.

• Electrical parameters 220v-1-60hz.

• Completely wired.

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